Fluid Handling

MicroPump Custom Capabilities

Because of the scalability of the RKD Engineering’s basic pump design and the versatility of the diaphragm design, it is possible to integrate a large number of fluid flow control functions into a single monolithic assembly.

Several different sizes of pump and valve diaphragms are available along with a bellows and a paddle wheel flow meter. Valves can be included that are normal closed or three way. The only limit to the complexity is the size of the monolithic body and length of internal passages.

This photo shows the bellows, four different sizes of pump diaphragms, and a custom body that contains a paddle wheel based flow controller and two independent, multi-source positive displacement pumps. This custom unit contains sixteen different function cavities. Each of the two dispensing pumps have self contained return to source and purge to drain capabilities producing a complete fluid handling solution.

The modularity of the design allows for quick turn around time and low custom design cost.

    The available functions are –
  • 4 cavity dispensing pumps in 50µl ,100µl, 500µl, and 2.5ml maximum dispense volume
  • Paddle wheel flow meter for flow ranges of 250 to 4000 ml/min delivery rates
  • Bellows or diaphragm based pulse dampener
  • Normal closed valves with .050, .080, .125, and .200 orifice sizes.
  • Three way valves with equivalent orifice diameters of .050, .080, and .125
  • Motor controlled metering valves with .125 and .200 orifice diameters
  • Metering pumps with inlet and outlet valves in 50µl, 100µl, 500µl, and 2.5ml volumes

All components, other than the motor driven metering valve, are pneumatically driven allowing for total isolation of the fluid paths. All components utilize ìtongue and grooveî edge seals to prevent any possible fluid leakage.

  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with most process chemicals
  • All PTFE wetted parts with HPLC grade purity
  • Positive pump volume
  • Integrated liquid flow control and mixing
  • Multiple fluid sources, multiple delivery ports
  • Plating systems
  • CMP
  • Wet clean/etch
  • chemical management systems
  • automatic titration

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