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Silicon Backside Preparation System

Large Die Backside Thinning with Minimal Thickness Variation

UltraPrep is designed to perform in-package die thinning and polishing, plus special machining functions for sample preparation. The die thinned and polished by UltraPrep are suited for all backside procedures because of the surface uniformity of the thinned and polished silicon.

UltraPrep can also perform other functions including the removal of heat spreaders and heat sinks, as well as removal of plastic and die attach materials to expose the die in plastic packages.

UltraPrep provides a simple, elegant solution for total backside device preparation.

UltraPrep is a small, specially designed CNC milling machine controlled from a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows the operator to select desired functions and to enter critical device dimensions, as prompted from the GUI.

UltraPrep Silicon Backside Preparation System

Die Contour of large dimension Flip Chip

UltraPrep Silicon Backed Preparation System model 5400

Automatic tool touch-down detection and special alignment and die contour profiling functions make setting up on device fast and easy. Concurrent sample tilt correction is also included.

There is no need to level the device as the UltraPrep will accurately profile the die prior to commencing thinning and polishing protocols.

Once a device has been processed, all process parameters can be saved as a process recipe. Up to 125 recipes can be saved, each with its own file name. A unique fixturing system allows for removing the device being processed for cleaning or inspection without remounting or re-aligning the device.


The system includes 3 media dispensing pumps (model 5400) to allow lapping and polishing with abrasive suspensions or CMP slurries. The device holder can be heated, if desired, to accelerate CMP processes.

  • Fast, easy set up, including alignment
  • Simple operator interface with full process programmability
  • System automation of thinning and polish processes
  • Programmable depth, accurate to +/-2 microns
  • Removable sample holders - allow removal of samples without remounting or realignment
  • Contour Tool Path for grinding, lapping and polishing- eliminates "stair stepping", die cracking leveling and thickness variation
  • Easy removal of heat spreaders, encapsulant, and die attach pad
  • Available inexpensive tooling
  • Small Footprint - takes minimal bench space


Machine Size 375 mm high, 375 mm wide, 350 mm deep
Weight 30 Kg
Power requirements 90 to 250 VAC 49 to 61 Hertz at 4 amps maximum
X axis travel 60 mm
Y axis travel 55 mm
Z axis travel 55 mm
Maximum speed 500 mm/minute
Resolution 2.5 microns in X and Y, 1 micron in Z
Positional Accuracy +/-2.5 microns per millimeter of travel
Spindle axist accuracy +/-0.67 milli-radians normal to fixture plane
Z axis repeatability +/-2 microns
Maximum spindle speed 5,000 to 10,000 RPM
Tool holder Special 3.18 mm (0.125 inch) shank tool holder (other shank diameters are available on request)
Number of media pumps 3; one to supply grinding lubricant, and two for delivering slurries for the lapping and polishing process
Media pump flow rate 0.1 to 4 ml per minute
Heated stage temp range 20 to 60 degrees C
Temperature accuracy +/-2 degrees C

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