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Micromill CNC Model 5000
Why buy gaskets and alignment plates when you can make them...

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The MicroMill is designed to make gaskets and other fixtures for use with RKD Engineering, Nisene and NSC decapsulators. It can also perform mechanical decapsulation and heat spreader removal in preparation for acid decapsulation. It provides an easy to use solution for quick turn decapsulator tooling and device preparation. The MicroMill is controlled by a small hand held user interface that allows for the operator to select the desired function and enter the key device measurements. There is no need to know anything about machining or “G Code” to operate the hand held controller.

To make gaskets, all that is necessary is to select the type of gasket to be made and input the key measurements of the device to be decapsulated. Both simple definition and pocket gaskets that positively locate a small package can be made. Additional gasket types can be made that allow easy decapsulation of PGA and BGA devices. Special operating modes are included for direct G Code execution for more complex gasket or device machining operations.

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The MicroMill comes complete with everything need to get started. The gasket materials come precut to the correct diameter and with an adhesive backing. The protective paper is peeled off of the back of the blank and it is placed on the holding fixture. The holding fixture is then inserted in the fixture clamp and the gasket is ready to machine. For a definition gasket the cavity dimensions are set into the software and the operation is run. To make a pocket, or monolithic gasket, the cavity size, the package size, die offset from the package center, and the desired pocket depth are entered. Gasket blanks are available in 1 and 1 3/8 inch diameters and in .062 and .094 thickness.

Optional holding fixtures are available for making aluminum alignment plates, including plates for holding BGA packages.

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  • Eliminates gasket and alignment plate purchasing lead time
  • Simple operator interface with full process programmability
  • Makes any gasket required for acid decapsulation
  • Removes heat spreaders and heat slugs
  • Easy and fast mechanical decapsulation
  • Available and inexpensive tooling
  • Small footprint – takes little bench space
Machine size 375 mm high, 370 mm wide, 330 mm deep
Weight 20 Kg
Power requirements 90 to 250 VAC 49 to 61 Hertz at 4 amps maximum
Interface 9 pin “D-sub” serial port to connect to hand held controller
X axis travel 75 mm
Y axis travel 75 mm
Z axis travel 75 mm (57 mm with tool installed)
Maximum speed 500 mm/minute
Resolution 5 microns
Positional Accuracy +/- 2.5 microns per millimeter of travel
Spindle axis accuracy +/- 0.67 milli-radians normal to fixture plane
Z axis repeatability +/- 2 microns without re-zero
Maximum spindle speed 7,000 RPM
Tool holder Special 3.18 mm (.125 inch) shank tool holder (other Shank diameters are Available on request)
Tool preset height 17.78 mm

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